Within the four walls of The Fortitude Music Hall, lies The Outpost. Brisbane’s newest 300 capacity multipurpose venue that will feature a diverse program of artists, an impressive drinks menu featuring a cocktail list curated by the talented tasteful team at Proof & Company, and a 3am licence.

The Outpost’s legacy stems from Brisbane dive bar of the same name, that was an integral part of the vibrant underworld that made the city so unique. It is a celebration of Brisbane’s rich musical history from the late 70s post punk era.

Venue director John Collins remembers the original Outpost fondly. “My first ever gig was at The Outpost. I was 16 and was hyper-aware to a new world opening up to me. However, this Outpost is no dive bar. The team has created a stunning space that equally accommodates after work cocktails, pre-dinner drinks, and will nurture artists, offering them a springboard into the Fortitude stage in shows to come. We hope it will have the same impact on patrons as its namesake had on me.

The breezy guitars and sun soaked melodies of Brisbane four piece Major Leagues, will be joined by Greta Stanley, Married Man and Colts to launch the venue on Thursday August 1st.

The Outpost will be a place filled with stories of intimate performances, sweaty rock shows, strong whiskey, sweet rum, fancy cocktails and freewheeling fun.

Opening hours: Thurs – Friday, 5pm – Late.

You’re welcome to join us.

Appearing at The Outpost